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Easy Online Ordering via FTP or Custom Print Driver

Online Ordering

Our state-of-the-art, user friendly online ordering system is your answer to fast, easy and secure online ordering by offering basic tools such as “request an estimate” and “file upload” as well as tailored-made, customized online ordering catalogs and variable data templates custom designed for you and your company.

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Get immediate access to send us files and request estimates.  But for a more customized experience, schedule a demo so we can show you these basic features as well as how a custom-built online catalog and customized variable data templates design specifically for you can save valuable time and give you options for streamlining some of your time-consuming, day-to-day tasks!

A custom-built online catalog coupled with our free inventory storage and fulfillment services is certainly your best answer to inventory control and management and takes the task of picking, packing and shipping out of your hands!

Two Options for Sending Files

Our File Upload order form allows you to browse for your files and upload them in a traditional “upload” manner. This is a standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) upload and is extremely secure and efficient.

Our custom-built print driver is a great way for you to send us files from any type of software by simply clicking File, Print, and choosing QuantumGraphix as your printer. 

MyOrderDesk will instantly show you a PDF proof and when you approve it, we will receive a print-ready PDF!

Get Started

To get started, create a QuantumGraphix User Account and don’t forget to schedule a demo right away.