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QuantumGraphix client testimonials

QuantumGraphix is a rare company that truly seems dedicated to providing over-the-top great service. When my supervisor asked me to get pricing or to get something re-printed *yesterday*, you were always there to make it happen. I can’t even count how many times you saved me! Plus, the product was always what we wanted, and oftentimes better than we hoped.

- Kevin, Marketing Specialist

QuantumGraphix has consistently been service minded; treating our jobs as the most important work they have to do.  I told them I needed a partner, almost a project manager- that is precisely what I got.  They lived and breathed each moment of the process and preparation of these massive documents with us.  Even on smaller jobs, we have received the same level of service and commitment.  From the sales to the production staff, they take pride in their work.  They earned my business and they constantly work to keep my business.  When the job really matters, they are my first choice.

- Darla, Director of  Education and Development

QuantumGraphix is a dream to work with and make my life very easy. They bend over backward to make sure we have everything we need on time. I truly look to them as an extension of our marketing team and know we could not do all we do without them. I rarely (if ever) hear "no we can't do that" it's always "yep, we have it covered." Thanks for everything you do for us.

- Eleanor, Marketing Communications

I want to compliment the professionalism, and attention to detail that QuantumGraphix gives to my jobs.  On Wednesday your team caught what they thought could be a problem with the printing.  Your representative drove an hour to get here to make certain of what the artist and I wanted, and how it could be corrected - he went far beyond the normal duties of selling printing. - and it did not go unnoticed!

I have great confidence in QuantumGraphix! Because of the wonderful service and the diligence of your staff, I can always feel very confident that anything I send to QuantumGraphix will be done correctly, in a timely manner and with professionalism. Hats off to you for having such great employees!

- Linda,  Director of Print Production

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